Legacy Chapter Elyon: Ascent Infinite Realm

Legacy Prepares for Elyon.

Elyon is the re-imagining of Ascent: Infinite Realm developed by Kakao Games and BlueHole. Legacy has already played 2 versions of the game previous, and mapped out the majority of the important aspects. In the beta alone, Legacy managed to out-perform even local players and hold top ranks for both guild and player rankings. Elyon follows similar formulas as Black Desert Online, which falls right at home for us.

Legacy's Goals In Elyon

During the previous tests, Legacy managed to achieve the highest gear scores (490GS+) in the game, taking 7 of the 10 top slots for the server. With over a hundred hours of grinding and powerleveling, we feel confident not only that we can go in and take top spots, but do so even faster than before. Our priorities are solid – put the polishing touches on our grind pathways and then focus on min-maxing our gear progression. Elyon offers not only large-scale RvR in which we tend to excel at, but also competitive 10v10 formats. We intend on setting up multiple dedicated “teams” for these, and pushing Arenas and 10v10s as hard as we can go. 

Plan on Going Hard?

We’re not like most of the guilds out there – our roster is rock-solid already. That said, we always have a few spots open from people dipping for IRL priorities, and are always looking for some serious fillers. If you are someone with a serious background in gaming, whether it be MMOs or something else you had a lot of passion in, we’re interested. Pop into our Discord and fill out an app, you won’t regret it.

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