History: Atlas

History: Atlas

Season 1 Rank 1 and “Alpha FFA” winner

Atlas started off for all players as a rough start that would lead into some of the most memorable battles and conflicts found in MMOs during late 2018/early-2019. Legacy started off completely new to the survival scene that was otherwise dominated by larger ARK names. As a neutral party Legacy established themselves first as isolationists, getting to know their closest neighbors only and staying out of the global game politics between major NA alliances and their enemies – the hyper-aggressive Chinese mega-alliance. A month or two into the game, Legacy had built up an empire vassalizing local neighbors and forming a strong bond and alliance with their largest neighbor – the Japanese playerbase known as “SNC”.

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These three major factions would eventually clash to create some of the biggest battles those in Legacy had ever seen in gaming. Both logistics capability and leadership would be stressed as fights would often run 12 hours or longer, Chinese factions would attack at the opposite prime-times from NA players, and sabotage would be relentless across all venues. While many NA groups stood their ground against the Chinese (known mainly as CSTG and BLDX) Legacy would become famous by not only holding back the invasions, but pushing back at all hours to the Chinese home turfs. It was frequently said that when a group called “BLDX” showed on the western border, that Legacy (known as OwO) would last less than two weeks. Two weeks later, BLDX was offering peace deals as they lost not one grid, but numerous grids and islands to the Legacy counter-attack to their aggression.

Many smaller wars were started and ended during the game-long war against the Chinese. These are some of the biggest ones:

Menberry Campaign – Legacy would declare war on and do a complete purge of all residents of “Menberry Island” located in F10. The island housed an alliance with 7 different companies, with the alpha company being called “Tea Party”. All were purged.

Brisnear Campaign – Legacy would clear out a major company called “United Few” and their associates in F13 to assist allies in the region who were incapable of holding them back on their own. At surrender, United Few tried to manipulate the terms, leading to the call to completely foundation-wipe them.

Easton Campaign – Due to rapid expansion, Legacy needed more land in other biome islands and already had enemies present on the E10 mega-island for themselves and allies. The island was run by a group called “SoV” (Sovereign Gaming) who felt they were far superior initially. 24 hours later they planned a full escape/evacuation with their assets, only to be cut off and lose them to Legacy scouting ships. Their supporters on the island either disbanded (Kingdom of Alesia) or evacuated as Legacy took the land for allies/industry.

Stone Eagle Campaign – North of the Easton Island existed a company alliance led by a group called the “Gentlemen”. They remained neutral claiming any attack on them would result in a complete invasion of Legacy, while at the same time performing false-flag attacks on Legacy logistics. Legacy invaded 6 hours later, purging the island within a day.

G14 Campaign – One of Legacy’s larger campaigns, G14 was home to the core alliance led by “Northern Coalition” and numerous other aggressive PvP groups. While during the first weeks of Atlas they kept distance from Legacy, they grew more arrogant/vocal to the point eventually they would make a secret alliance to sneak attack Legacy + allies. Upon learning this/presenting it, an offer was made to their allies to leave the NC alliance before an invasion. Within 24 hours later dragons would fly in with our largest fleet to date, completely foundation-wiping Northern Coalition and their associates within a few days. At conclusion the scarred land remaining would be given to the friends there who assisted in logistics of the invasion.

Ramraine Campaign – Legacy was in need of more biome assets, this time home to “Salty Seamen” who were notorious pirates. A vassal we took in named “Slaves of Armok” also had a small home here, constantly bullied by the Seamen group. It was a win-win. 24 hours later the island was cleared after a heavy naval artillery bombardment and subsequent land invasion.

F12 Purge Campaign – Lawless zones were always home to chinese and in most ways Legacy would ignore the smaller groups. F12 however would be found to be a staging ground for the new BLDX invasion forces that would try to eliminate Legacy from the map. This was discovered and an announcement would be made that a complete wipe of the entire continent and grid would happen. Residents were given 12 hours to move out and a purge of all Chinese happened, leading to ruthless ground fights as zergs fought zergs for building control. Within the next days a famous post would be made by a Chinese group called “Black Butterfly” who hacked the client to mass-spawn whales in the ocean, attempting to sink the Legacy and allied fleet invading their island. Hilarity ensued, but it also showed an early sign of the game coming to a close.
At the conclusion of the campaigns, including the longer BLDX/OoF/Barry Sails campaign, things would settle as Legacy (OwO) would watch enemies quit the game over time. At the very end before servers were shut down, other NA groups would end by calling out Legacy to fight in a naval-superiority FFA before the servers shut down. Legacy ended up winning by a large margin, creating the popular reddit post and videos like one seen below. This was major for Legacy at the time as starting out in Atlas they were nobodies in the survival Ark/Rust scene, and ended up besting the very best the community had to offer.

Some random links, both funny and depictive of our time in Atlas:

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