History: Guild Wars 2

History: Guild Wars 2

R1 SPvP Team, Arenajunkies R1

Established in early August 2010, Legacy Gaming launched and became active very quickly preparing for Guild Wars 2. During Guild Wars 2 through countless hours played, and a goal of being a top level guild, we became one of the most known guilds in Guild Wars 2, especially in our “Structured PvP” arena teams, which aimed to compete in e-sports. We did great in large-scale pvp, but found our passion in arena-play first, eventually being sponsored by Arenajunkies for articles and publications.


Our very first website , made in 2010 back when forums were actually used 😉

Read More About Our GW2 History: 

In large-scale PvP, some of our best memories were when the entire GW2 subreddit challenged our guild directly due to our notoriety. It became known as the “Battle of Dreaming Bay” and remains as one of the most viewed sieges on Youtube. We also gained a lot of infamy for creating the popular “portal bombing” and “survival stack” meta during beta/launch in PvP.

Here are some links that bring back memories:

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