'; History: Black Desert Online - Legacy

History: Black Desert Online

History: Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online:
R1, 2 and 3 World in GP. All Territories owned. R1 Total PvP Wins. World First Level 59/60 2016

During our end in Archeage, we started to prepare for Black Desert Online, and began playing the KR-OBT. A year later around that time NA Black Desert launched, and we quickly became known throughout the NA region as one, if not the most hardcore guild in NA, ranked #1 on the in-game boards across not only the “overall” category but almost every other category as well across all servers. We called ourselves “Veritas” and “Legatum” under a new aggressive PvP structure. Upon the first siege we took two territories, Media and Balenos. The following weeks after that were all the same as we continued to win most every battle, whether by our enemies fleeing from conflict or directly obliterating them in open field. As the main leadership took its leave for future MMOs, the guild was left to Legacy officers and rebranded “Iconic” which consisted of our core Legacy players as leadership and a large collection of the best on Orwen. It continued to top the ranks across NA as a whole in #1 and #2 overall, among over 900 guilds in NA. Months later, the developers announce Veritas/Iconic as the top guild in the world with the most successful territory victories.

We screenshotted all of our wars, for a trip down memory lane, visit the album here. 

Read more about our Black Desert History:medium.ss2015-04-06at09.28.17.jpg.4738fe8f0e10484f2fd007748932c596.jpg?fit=1103%2C600&ssl=1


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