Legacy PvP Campaigns

Legacy PvP Campaigns

Legacy PvP Campaigns

Typically in chapters, the money you could earn comes from a few activities:

  • Crafting
  • Grinding
  • Raiding

No longer do 24/7 PvPers and Gankers have to scrape by unrewarded for their efforts. In Legacy we have systems in place to allow our PvPers to not only make money doing what they love, but also compete with each other for glory and fame while at it. When available, we call this system a “campaign” and it is like any campaign you can imagine in warfare. It includes a specific target and goal as well as steps to achieve that goal.

During the length of a campaign, members of Legacy members earn “tickets” which then can be exchanged for a number of things, such as direct currency, EPGP, cosmetic rewards, and more determined by the chapter leadership. Most PvPers simply ask for gold, but options are certainly there.

Simple Process

  • Kill people.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Submit screenshot to Discord channel.
  • Get tickets added to spreadsheet for your name.
  • Exchange tickets for gold, or other things.
  • Get rich $$

How A Campaign Is Formed

A “Campaign” is a competitive variable added on top of an existing “war” we have with another guild. When we put guilds at “war status” it does not always mean we will have an active campaign against them. We cover what our different statuses with other guilds and groups in our internal charter. Simply put, if we are actively at war with a group and we find it’s in our strategic interest to put pressure on the opponent, we will initiate and announce a campaign for a period of time, usually a week or more.

A campaign will first be announced in Discord with a 12 to 24 hour buildup before the stats and kills start to be tracked. This allows our internal PvP groups, divisions, and similar to organize and schedule times to go hunting together. Life in the guild does not change much in any other way except the knowledge that certain guild-tagged targets will payout dividends. Those who ignore the opportunity will miss out on the rewards.

Behind the scenes, the leadership team will allocate a set amount of gold or currency aside. They will then define the “objectives” as to what provides the reward.

Direct PvP

For the most part, campaigns are driven by the main PvPers, all looking for fresh blood and glory. Here are some examples of the “kills” objectives we have used in the past:

  • Killing a player and taking a screenshot of their downed body. (3 tickets)
  • Killing a player and taking a screenshot of any salt or trash talking they respond with.      (5 tickets). *Note, you cannot initiate it <3
  • Killing a member of lower leadership, take a screenshot. (5 tickets)
  • Killing a guild leader. (10 points)
  • Killing a mount or vehicle. (1 ticket)
  • Killing a trade ship or caravan. (final blow – 10 tickets). Plus points for all kills you take screenshots of.
  • Any many more based on game.

Non-Direct PvP

Killing is not the only way players in our guild can make money. There are numerous strategic positions available as well. Many hundreds of players in the past have taken advantage of some of the following objectives we’ve listed:

  • Scouting and reporting a trade run that leads to it being destroyed. (20 tickets)
  • Scouting and shadowing enemy leadership that leads to their demise. (10 tickets)
  • Scouting enemy campaign targets grinding/questing and calling for our kill teams to wipe them. (You get 1 ticket for every enemy player killed by our guild, plus those PvPers get their own tickets for kills etc.)
  • Delaying a trade run long enough for backup to arrive (5 tickets plus 1 ticket per enemy death)
  • And similar strategic advantages provided by members, especially from healers and other classes who cannot directly kill players or trade runs.


It doesn’t end there. With any military machine it needs oil and fuel for it to continue to thrive. During a campaign crafters and economists alike can come together to support the cause as well. Here are some examples:

  • Providing consumables such as healing potions to the gank groups. (tickets vary on cost)
  • Providing buff items. (tickets vary on cost)
  • Providing transportation, such as having transport ships ready to go.
  • Offering repairs, mounts, and similar on the backline supporting the front line. (tickets vary on time)
  • And other non-combatant support positions.

Special Note: All ticket counts are examples, different campaigns will have differing ticket rewards.

Spoils of War

When the dust settles, the battlefield can look like a bomb went off. Dead bodies, loot everywhere, trade materials lying all around, and similar. On top of the regular tickets earned by members for their kills and scout reports, they also get a cut of the “spoils” as its called.

The ranking PvP officer will gather up all materials and quickly send them off to the logistics team, saving the PvP time delegating things that moment. This also allows them to quickly move on to more PvP. The logistics team submits a simple report to our Discord called a “Battle Report” that covers all of the kills, rewards, spoils and similar. This can be found in a Discord channel so all can view. Transparency is key. Once the report is filed via a Google form, the spoils are divided in the following ways:

  • An agreed and pre-defined percentage is sent to the guild coffers to be liquidated or held.
  • A percentage is split and sent to all guild participants equally.
  • A small percentage of the total amount is sent to the “MVP”, defined by a number of variables but usually as a public reward given by the ranking PvP leader of the event.

The long and short is that aside from earning tickets, everyone attending the event gets a small cut, even if you showed up late and did not directly get any kills yourself.

PvP Campaign Closing Notes

In summary, when a campaign is declared, it is an all-guild affair. While there mainly to reward our PvPers, all can participate in a myriad of ways to make quick gold and have fun at the same time.

For you – the member – you simply earn tickets for getting kills (screenshotting them) and then earn a cut of the total spoils if there are any. The top players are announced along with the MVP as defined by the ranking PvP leader at the time. Accolades are given out via the Discord announcements.

For dedicated gank squads and similar, there also exists many past scenarios in which we offered rewards on top of the individual rewards for out-performing other squads. Think you and your friends are the best in the guild – prove it and make names for yourselves in an official capacity.

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