Legacy PvE Progression

Legacy PvE Progression

Legacy PvE Progression

Legacy offers a number of “divisions” in which a guild member can progress. For many their enjoyment of an MMO is not pvp or economic wealth, but detailed and involved PvE Progression. This is a quick reference to progression through PvE raiding.

We will have up to two raiding teams that will be our main raiders.  These teams will consist of those that have proven themselves as the highest DPS, highest gear and most able to follow the raids nuances.  They know when to dodge, when to stack, which pots you need, where to get them and  how not to die.  Each raid team lead officer will track all these stats  to determine which rank they should be.  



Rank 1 is our trial rank. This is specifically for anyone entering the division who wishes to start joining in our official raid teams. They are added to a list of other trials, and swapped in at the next opportunity during “B team” raids. Anyone in Legacy can enter the PvE Division, even PvPers, but they must first go through the basic vetting process as to make sure they are not wasting the time of others.

B Team

The B Teams consist of the largest group of players and are considered the “core” within the PvE Division. They are sometimes referred to as the “B Team” but actually consist of any number of raiding teams. The prime difference here is these are individuals that have been vetted for raiding, and can be trusted to perform in their role following normal raiding etiquette. The top-performing members of this rank can tryout and participate in the final rank.

A Team

Members in Rank 3 comes from those in rank 2 who successfully completed their tryouts and are deemed empirically the top-performing members of the Vigils. This raiding group is a static-group with a set roster plus “floaters”. Meaning if the raiding scene in Ashes of Creation is 20-man, the “A Team” will consist of about 24 members, 20 regular and 4 floaters.

Advancement through the ranks

From the trial stage to the A Team, advancement simply involves being voted in unanimously after running multiple runs with them. Our A Team members are considered to be an elite group on their own, and unlike the PvP Division, there exists but just 2 ranks – you are either “in” or you are not.

It is recommended that as a member of Legacy interested in raiding that you speak to and offer to join in on dungeon runs and raids with existing PvE Division members. After an undefined amount of time, they can vote you in to join them. If you are accepted into these runs, you need to give your very best first impression. We recommend the following:

  • Have all consumables ready. Not just potions, but buff food, scrolls, and similar. Have these on off-cooldown, even for trash mobs.
  • Arrive to the dungeon/raid you were invited to minutes early. Some of the most respected members of the Vigils are punctual and take the timing “runs” seriously.
  • Expect to run the same dungeon multiple times. Plan entire blocks of your time. Most dungeon runs/events are farming events, involving speed-running and efficient use of time.
  • Min-max everything. You only get one first impression.

After you have made it in…

Practice, practice, practice. Target dummies are your best friend. Members within our PvE Division are min-maxers at heart, even if they can only raid a few nights a week. Should your hard work pay off and you have the schedule availability, you can apply for and tryout for the primary raid team – A Team. They are statistically the top-performing members in their class roles.


Raids are scheduled on a calendar weekly. While the regular core division schedules raids all throughout the week, the A Team consistently raids on specific days, each week, every week. It is recommended that members sign-up for a raid well in advance to ensure they are given a spot. In the case a role is a no-show, “floaters” are called to fill-in the position, ensuring the raid continues.

If a member signed up for a raid – or if they are part of the A Team required to attend all raids – and cannot make it, there is an “absence form” they can fill out. So long as the form is filled out and/or they send a message on Discord, there is no penalty associated. This allows us to properly replace their position.

In short:

  • B Team (Core PvE Division) have numerous raids on a calendar they can look at and sign-up for. They are only required to attend the ones they signed-up for. If they signed up for something and cannot attend, the spot will be given to someone else or a trial member.
  • A Team have a consistent weekly schedule they are expected to maintain. If they cannot show to a raid, an absence form is required and/or a discord message. They must have a replacement in time for the raid. There are no delays. Replacements are usually the “floaters” and individuals from the B Team trying out.

The key thing is consistency. Our promise in Legacy to our members is efficient raiding backed by a vetting process that ensures you are surrounded by people who actually work for their spot. There is only one thing worse than “idle time”, and that is “wasted time” with players not carrying their weight.

Farming for Success

If our members are farming for a certain material to further progress, our raiding teams will be compensated for running a member through that raid / dungeon. If the guild needs a particular item from a dungeon or raid, a similar process occurs. We allocate the currency needed, and effectively “hire” a raid team to acquire it for us. This could be a rare blueprint, weapon drop, or similar.

This process also means that there will be around-the-clock raiding teams available for non-PvE division members to participate in for critical progression. So if a PvPer for example needs to kill a boss for an achievement, or for a particular weapon, Legacy has the logistics in place to quickly and efficiently organize that, while also rewarding the dedicated members who are carrying the task.

Closing Notes

Topics such as our modified-DKP system, metrics in which we measure performance, and more are covered in more detailed SOPs available to our members. Much of it involves putting boots on the ground in the game, as well as getting our initial rosters established. If you are interested, be sure to apply in Discord.

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