Common Sense Principles

Common Sense Principles

Be Helpful

You may have heard it before, “We were all newbies once.” This always holds true. Members come from many types of games. Some have never played an MMO/Shooter in their life, but have the drive that will allow them to surpass most of their peers easily. If someone is honestly trying to learn, and is being respectful of your time, they deserve all the help they can get. You never know what kind of friends you’ll be making down the road by giving just a few answers or tips. Here are some things you can do:

  • If you are not currently doing an important event, offer a hand to help.
  • Offer advice in a friendly manner when you see the chance.
  • Do not deride those those who aren’t as skilled as you (elitism with intent to degrade other members will not be tolerated)

Have an Open Mind

While most know their boundaries and ability, they lack the ability to accept that someone might be able to offer something better in terms of ideas or strategy than they have. We are not asking to change anything from what you hear, but we are asking you at least give respect and listen. The best strategies and plans often come from unlikely sources..

  • Understand people on the community roster come from varied backgrounds.
  • Be able to accept criticism.
  • Understand that your point of view is not the only point of view on Earth.
  • Offer examples to help explain your position or point in a discussion.


We want to foster open and honest communication by our members. If at any time you feel that you can not speak up or feel uncomfortable due to interaction with another member we ask that you first talk to that member.

If you have a general complaint, offer a solution. Simply complaining for the sake of complaining will do nothing but annoy if not anger those listening. If you have an issue but can’t think of a fitting solution, be open to suggested solutions of others.  Constant negativity and rejection without constructive feedback is an unacceptable method of disagreement.

Be Positive

Nothing hurts a community more than negative attitudes and comments in the long run. Raid wipes, ganks, and losses go away in time, but negative attitudes poison the community. Expressing concerns is fine (actually more than fine–it’s appreciated), but keep a positive tone. Some things to remember that may help you keep positive:

  • Getting enraged is the biggest downfall of anyone’s character. Avoid lashing out in frustration.
  • Consider the other person or peoples point of view.
  • Do not immediately blame individuals for their alleged incompetence without proper review of the incidents at hand.
  • Generally, the idea is “don’t jump the gun”. You just may have been the problem.
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