SOP: LRC Levels

SOP: LRC Levels

LRC (Legacy Readiness Conditon) Levels

LRC stands for “Legacy Readiness Condition” which is largely inspired from the US Military’s “DEFCON” system (Defense Readiness Condition). It is a standardized system we use in all games we play that clearly establishes guidelines for members outside of events. It defines what to expect when members login before beginning their daily activities. It also defines a state in which members must be ready for potential conflict.

Readiness Levels are posted in Discord and in-game when available at all times, allowing quick glances for members logging in. The following levels are generally universal, but game-specific SOPs apply. Always refer to your documentation/guides for the specific game you are playing with Legacy.

Global Levels:

LRC 5 (Blue)
LRC 5 is standard peacetime. Random ganks/partisan gameplay may still occur. Alliance and Guild events are planned ahead of time, usually 24hrs in advance. No restrictions on PvE progression.
LRC 4 (Green)
Green (Four) assumes minor conflicts on borders of territories or areas of control, but not at the level of threatening internal logistics or our economy. Members should be aware of events being called for PvP, however there exists no restrictions on PvE.
LRC 3 (Yellow)
Significant PvP both on borders and within our own logistics network. This is also applied if allies are under threat, even if Legacy is not directly in conflict. Members should refer to game-specific SOPs for PvP readiness guidelines. PvE restricted except where defined in announcements.
LRC 2 (Orange)
LRC 2 means that our condition and standing in the game is under duress. PvP events will happen with zero notice, and attendance is mandatory for those online. PvP SOP guidelines are enforced, and PvE is restricted except when critical to PvP and the grand campaign - with approval. Members are expected to be PvPing in their capacity when online. Calls will be made for activity.
LRC 1 (Red)
LRC 1 is considered PvP-Only. It is applied when our security is at its highest risk. Members are delegated to specific tasks, and upon logging in all are expected to report into the command structure for placement. PvE is restricted. Activity is tracked. All logged into the roster are asked to PvP or logout.
LRC 0 (Black)
LRC 0 is only used when we are dealing with "insiding" or a coup. When irrefutable proof has been brought of intentions to sabotage or destroy our guild internally, the black level is applied to deny all PvP and PvE content until the situation is resolved.

Combat Status Levels

We use a simpler version of the LRC levels while in-combat during communications between levels of leadership. While these can be found in our internal communications SOP, we will highlight the basic levels here.

During combat it is common for higher leadership to ask the shotcaller/raid leader over comms on their status. In response in one word, the shotcaller/raid leader responds with a color status, defining quickly to leadership how to respond further, whether with reinforcements, logistics, and similar.

Note, Legacy uses “Status” as a term for overall health of squad/unit.

Legacy Leadership asks : “Squad xx, what is your status?”

Response: Green (100% chance for success)

  • In Combat: No risk of losing current objective/battle
  • Outside Combat: No enemies present

Response: Yellow (90% chance for success) 

  • In Combat: Actively engaging enemy with confidence, zero to minor losses possible.
  • Outside Combat: Enemy is present but not a threat.

Response: Orange (50% chance for success)

  • In Combat: Engaged with enemy, but fighting a losing battle, need support or risk wipe.
  • Outside Combat: Enemy is too numerous to engage with certainty, can delay, but will wipe potentially. Support could turn things around. Still time to relocate.

Response: Red (10% chance for success) – 

  • In Combat – Enemy has superior numbers/strength, and are actively clearing our squad. Do not send reinforcements.
  • Outside Combat – Enemy has superior speed and/or numbers, you will not be able to survive and should expect wipe.
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