History: Wildstar

History: Wildstar


R1 BG Team, World First Warplot Win

A departure from Guild Wars 2 meant the thirst for MMOs was high, and on the horizon a promising game called Wildstar arose. In proper fashion, Team Legacy got extremely involved with the development team, working behind the scenes on the competitive edge of the battlegrounds, raids, and more. Team Legacy took numerous NA firsts, from first “city raid/invasion” to NA first “warplot” wins, driving the competition until the unfortunate early death of the game.

It was in Wildstar the guild philosophy went from a smaller e-sports outfit to a full-blown community. Before Wildstar, Team Legacy had anywhere from 50-80 active core members, and before prepping for Archeage, had grown to over 600 between Archeage and Star Citizen chapters.

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Some of our favorite memories were of course the city raids, and it was these raids and our dominance in battlegrounds where we started to develop quite the “fans” (aka trolls) who were on the receiving end of things. Here are some fun links:

Here are some links that bring back memories:

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