History: Bless Online

History: Bless Online

R1 Guild World, R1 BG team, NA First PvP R1

Legacy Gaming started “Bless Online” under the Veritas name once again, focusing on obtaining server and potential world firsts. At server selection, we challenged all guilds to roll against us on the main “server 1” named Tanara and there we met notable guilds from other MMOs such as Fatality, Manup, FML, Hostile, Predator, and more. What we had hoped would be a competitive environment quickly turned into a near free-farm as Veritas quickly snowballed beyond competitors in every competitive PvP format. Battlegrounds against guilds such as Envy (Enveus Gaming), Fatality, and others like FML ended in Veritas spawn camping, and local tournaments and dueling sessions with in-faction guilds such as Pure Luck, Manup, and Hostile, ended in wins across the board for our top players. While the PvP dulled out, there were a few exciting moments. A well known “super guild” named Predator (Hostile) challenged Veritas to open-world warfare, touting their strategic intelligence and pure numerical advantage under the idea that while Veritas may “pick” on other guilds, Predator could not be touched. Predator had previously overwhelmed “Revelation Online” and had a reputation backing them. On a selected night Predator took to open-world assaulting the Veritas faction capital city, only to be met by Veritas flanks, divisions of Predator forces, and ultimately ending in complete annihilation of Predator raids. Unfortunately that was one of the first and one of the last major PvP events to ever hit the server.

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On the PvE-front Veritas ended up getting all of the launch-dungeon first clears on our faction, including dungeons that were supposed to have been “too hard” by the developers for being so early in the game. While we accomplished most of our first kills in the Korean and Russian clients, obtaining first clears with dedicated teams was a proud moment for us, beating even the “popular” PvE progression guilds.

Unfortunately where as every community felt Bless had a much longer potential lifespan, the game fell under 2k concurrent players within a month, and with Rend coming out and offering a more competitive atmosphere, Veritas closed the chapter. Numerous exploits and hacks starting coming out at this time, especially by guilds such as “Pure Luck ” and others. It only served to continue killing the otherwise competitive base. At the time of closing, Veritas remained nearly undefeated in every PvP category, having also achieved the world first level 12 guild. No foreign guild could match us, and our closest competitors on our own faction ended up getting mass-bans weekly for various exploits.

We do not regret playing the game however – all things said. We met tons of great folks, picked up a lot of solid pvpers, and otherwise had a ton of laughs.

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