History: Last Oasis

History: Last Oasis

Last Oasis:

Owned 110+ Claims same time, World First Claim/Titan/Schmet

Legacy went back into the world of survival MMOs with “Last Oasis”, which featured a post-apocalyptic world with sand walkers instead of the sailing ships of Atlas prior. The game showed strong promise, kicking off with over 20 thousand players spanning hundreds of servers. This early access served to be the next chapter for many of the companies from Atlas and Ark, sparring off yet again in a new title. Like Atlas and similar, the game offered territory control leading to deep diplomatic options for all of the notable groups involved. Like all Early-access titles, Legacy made it clear they would ride the hype wave until the inevitable decline, drawing the line at 5k players before decided to take our leave.

Legacy went in again as “OwO”, same as Atlas. OwO was the name given during Atlas as a sign of fondness to our Japanese allies known as “SNC” – Stylish Noob Company. OwO and SNC went in again as allies for the EA launch of Last Oasis with the intent of building a large alliance with other friends across Atlas previously such as TPG, Trojan Trolls, uRxP, SoV, and more. Unfortunately things did not go as planned. During the stress test for Last Oasis, every group in nearly every alliance out there decided to do their own thing and roll randomly across the server. It did not matter at the time due to the fact the servers would wipe and everyone could reset proper. Less than 24 hours in, the developers decided “this will be launch” – which led to alliances such as the one OwO was a part of to start so far away from each other, it didn’t have any strategic importance anymore. OwO was on their own, but it wouldn’t slow them down.

During the months involved in early-access, OwO would achieve numerous firsts, including owning the very first territory in the world, building the largest mega-walkers in the world first, called Titans and Schmetterlings. They also moved on to be highlighted by the developers for not only owning the most territory, but killing/destroying the most territory owned by opponents. As of this writing, “OwO” has over 6k mentions in the official Last Oasis discord, and even now current players often refer to the early months of EA launch as the “era of OwO”. 

Notable wars:

OwO vs Lotus: OwO would invade and eliminate Lotus multiple times over the course of the first few months, destroying their home claims as needed.

OwO vs Conviction (Enveus): During the first weeks of the server, Enveus would organize with a small number of other guilds (Kingdom, Axiom) to form “Conviction” under the leadership of Enveus’ Xerxees and Kingdom’s Tumblr and Lulu. Due to the doxxing attempts made by Conviction, OwO moved in and completely wiped Conviction and all of their allies in under 48 hours, forcing Conviction to run away outside the reach of OwO. Little did they know that OwO’s friends were far and wide, leading to multiple other wipes of Conviction until they eventually disbanded and merged into other clans.

OwO vs Liverupucams (Slam Whales/N3): OwO started on the server adjacent to liverupucams for nearly an entire month without issue. They had similar enemies and similar friends. Over time however LRC would prove to step a bit too far taunting OwO, leading eventually to OwO invading and taking all of their territories in under 24 hours. 

OwO vs Death Alliance (Undead Lords and UDL): OwO has a second common neighbor named Death Alliance, who were mainly run by Undead Lords. The relationship was great until UDL decided to try and “ninja” a territory from within OwO territories. Instead of apology, they decided to try and fight for it, ending up in a complete wipe of their fleet and forces. Death Alliance would then choose to flee south to avoid the OwO invasion, thus ending the hostilities. 

OwO vs Adversary: Like many US-West clans, Adversary was given room to breathe far away from OwO influence for quite some time during the EA. As OwO territory moved northward, in addition to the collapse of the world servers, Adversary found themselves now almost bordering OwO where as previously they were nowhere close. OwO made numerous moves deep past ADV territory to attack Chinese clans under the command of CSTG. US West clans fought CSTG for quite a lot of time, but ended up losing territory to CSTG, which was unacceptable to OwO. In response, OwO moved in and took back the territory taken by CSTG to make a statement that Chinese clans would not be able to invade. It was during one of these OwO attacks on CSTG lands that Adversary decided to make their statement – attack and take OwO land to prove a point that OwO was not welcome in “their” territory. The following days leds to OwO completely dismantling their alliance, causing most of the alliance members to quit their clans entirely to avoid fighting OwO. As a result, Adversary and allies that were still alive all merged together to form “Red Banana Alliance”, which then ended up being disbanded in the following weeks by OwO allies TT and BKO.

OwO vs CSTG: CSTG was the sworn enemy of OwO since day 1 of the EA. As previous rivals in Atlas, “Yinzi” the leader of CSTG swore an oath on stream to only focus killing OwO. This passion was fueled further by their hatred towards the Japanese OwO allies “SNC”. Yinzi and CSTG attempted numerous deep invasions into OwO territory, often live streamed to over one hundred thousand viewers. None succeeded however, and it would lead to some of the most memorable fights and videos OwO would be involved in. As Yinzi failed his attempts at invading OwO territory, eventually OwO pushed north to counter into CSTG territory, where they had an iron grip on all of the American US-West clans in the region. After the game’s population started to stagnate, both OwO and CSTG decided the game had run its course for now, and the war would continue in a future title. CSTG would move on to make a very long post on their forums about their respect towards OwO, being the only NA clan who gave them a rough fight. In response, OwO made a post on reddit as a handshake to CSTG for their coordination and PvP ability as well.

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