Guild Leader's Guide: Introduction


In this short series I am covering – I am looking at historical data from the many MMOs over the last decade and applying the lessons I’ve learned in a hopefully easier to understand format. While most comparisons will be applied to MMO Guild/Clan leadership, the passages can be applied to non-leadership MMO gamers as well, as a window into learning how to be more aware of the powers that be. Knowing their mindsets, how to deal with them, and similar, is the goal. 

There will be many passages relating to all sorts of different dynamics of guilds in MMOs. Sometimes they may be a bit more related to the psychology of competition in MMOs as well. These passages consist of my own opinions, and should not be taken as hard facts or gospel. I hope you enjoy the ramblings and more importantly – I hope it makes you also think on different planes when it comes to politics in MMOs.

Many of these passages are inspired from a number of books I personally recommend to anyone looking for a bit of inspiration. These are some of my favorites found on Amazon. As I type out these various posts, you will see me often reference from one or many of these great books, as they all have some great insights.

“48 Laws of Power” – Robert Greene

“The Art of War” – Sun Tzu

“Meditations” – Marcus Aurelius

“The Republic of Plato” – Allan Bloom

“On War” – Carl von Clausewitz

– Freelancer

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About "Guild Leader's Guide"

“Guild Leader’s Guide” is a collection of lessons and thoughts from over ten years of leading an pvp-focused large-scale guild. All content here is done mainly by Freelancer, with special additions from other guild/clan leaders he has worked with over the last 12 years of Legacy’s history. All content should be considered opinion and for entertainment. We hope this helps expand your mind when it comes to leading your own guilds or simply being a constructive force assisting with a guild.

Guild Leader of Legacy

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