History: Foxhole

History: Foxhole


Highlights and Funny Moments from our multiple wars in the grand strategy MMO

Throughout and between a number of MMOs and Survivals Legacy was testing and playing, Foxhole captured a large portion of our core playerbase due to its focus on extensive logistics, strategic approach to PvP, and layered comradery you really only find in similar “world war” themed titles. Legacy had a large number of players who were experienced veterans in Foxhole already under the name of “Mafia” – well known for funny antics, organized artillery operations, and providing critical support to allies in the form of an elite smaller group. Mafia exists today as the heart of OwO’s approach to Foxhole in a much larger capacity.

In 2021, at the conclusion of playing games such as Last Oasis, and testing betas of other survivals like Myth of Empires, OwO (Legacy’s Survival Group) decided to go all-in on Foxhole. As a title focused heavily on logistics, we had many systems and layers we still needed to work on in order to improve our own internal logistics and leadership processes. Foxhole was perfect for that. Little did we know at the time that going in as a relatively small group, we would end up being famous (and infamous) for so many things, so quickly, creating memories that will carry with OwO members long into other games.

In our first war as a “proper” group, word got around that OwO “proper” was playing Foxhole, and our notoriety from other sandbox games worked against us. The strongest clans/regiments that existed in Foxhole quickly mobilized to provide the front to face us. Fast forward months later, everyone is praising OwO as the champs who did the impossible, taking territories from the strongest clans, most fortified positions, that any other clan would have just gone around or not attempted. Our logistics quickly became legendary, providing more support, artillery, and base architecture so quickly that even our opponents would join our Discord to give appreciation after the war.

The following are highlights, screenshots, video clips, and all sorts of media from the first two wars we fought. They are not in order, but we hope you enjoy regardless – many laughs.

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